Class Image F. Wood Firing/ Train Kiln

F. Wood Firing/ Train Kiln

This a Firing Only class and is only available to students who have taken at least 1 wood fire class at Sawtooth.

Students will bring 10-20 pieces of bisqueware made from Orton cone 10 stoneware clay or porcelain, and glaze/fire at the Sawtooth Wood Kiln Pavilion at SECCA. Instructor will communicate with students regarding the size limit of the bisque wares.

Explore form, function, textures, tactile qualities, and surface development of atmospheric firing. Participants will develop an understanding of the unique qualities and processes of using wood to fire ceramics. During the firings, the draft created by the chimney pulls wood ash released by the heat of the fire through the kiln. The ash is deposited on the pottery in the path of the flame and creates a varied palette of colors and textures not achievable in any other way.

Students will take an active roll in helping load and fire the kiln. Students will also be expected to help with wood prep and kiln furniture cleaning.

Ages: 18 - Adult