Class Image Introduction to Wood Firing/ Soda Firing

Introduction to Wood Firing/ Soda Firing

This is an introductory class to wood firing emphasize on wheelthrowing and combining some handbuilt elements.

Participants will develop an understanding of the unique qualities and processes of using wood and soda vapor to fire ceramics. During the firings, the draft created by the chimney pulls wood ash and sodium (soda) vapors through out the kiln. The wood ash and sodium deposited on the ware interacting with silica and other minerals from the clay creates a varied palette of colors and textures not achievable in any other way. 

Explore the creative possibilities of clay through wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques. Students with more experience can refine their skills while exploring new forms and design options. Decorating and glazing techniques for atmospheric firing will also be explored.
Ages: 18 - Adult

Students will take an active roll in helping load and fire the kiln at the end of the session. Students will also be expected to help with one wood prep shift during the session.