Class Image Girls and Production ( 9th-12th Grade)

Girls and Production ( 9th-12th Grade)

Girls and Production (GAP) returns for year 2 at Sawtooth!
GAP’s mission is to equip young women who possess a passion for filmmaking with the awareness, skills and confidence they need to compete in a male-dominated industry. During this 11-week course, high school girls meet at Sawtooth on Wednesdays between 4-6pm to learn filmmaking concepts such as shot composition, camera movement, script writing, and non-linear editing techniques. Students will write, direct and shoot their own three-minute short film using iPhones and minimal equipment with the help of their peers. Final films will be edited by the students and screened at a/perture cinema. Eligibility: 9th – 12th grade female-identifying students. Please note: Two Saturdays, March 28 and April 4, will be scheduled for editing final films.