Staff Bios


Lauren Duncan, Director of Youth Programs 

Lauren loves providing art classes and workshops to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community.  Through creating art people express themselves and communicate, so Lauren wants to make sure that all people, ages 3 and up have the opportunity to make art!  In her personal art, Lauren is inspired by nature, coastlines, and bicycles.

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Ali Kapps, Assistant Director of Youth Programs

Ali believes that art is important for its historical, aesthetic, communicative, unifying, innovative, educational, and healing qualities.  It is her goal to share these perspectives in context with children across various communities so they may see, understand, engage, and create in fulfilling and meaningful ways.  In her personal art, Ali is inspired by the colorful world around her.

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Age Groups

Atelier, ages 3-5

(pronounced at-l-yey, is a French word meaning a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer)

Drawing influence from multiple preschool philosophies, our Atelier teachers and children explore various visual languages – drawing, painting and clay to achieve mastery of tools and materials. Children utilize their expressive languages to help make meaning of their ideas and concepts. We want to emphasize the basics of art, including line, texture, shape, contour, dimension, perspective, color, etc.  We want the child to see his/her world through the eyes of art.

Early childhood art education is key to developing cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills.  It promotes gross motor skills which leads to fine motor skill development.  Through art education, children build self-confidence and self-esteem.  Research has also proven the lasting positive emotional impact creative art education experiences can have not only on the child, but also on families and classrooms in which it is implemented.  Through a specified and creative pre-K curriculum we intend to impact the children’s development in several areas.

-Expand verbal and cognitive skills through multi-step projects that encourage creative thinking and bi-lingual recognition.

-Allow the children an alternate expression of emotions and an opportunity to be seen as unique and with their own viewpoint in a productive way.

-Build self-confidence through sharing and discussion allowing students to take pride in their artwork, while increasing observation skills as well as learning to understand other perspectives.

-Through collaborative artwork encourage cooperation, negotiation, interaction and satisfaction.

-Create projects and experiences that help develop gross and fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination.

In our Atelier studio during the school year, we offer multi-week classes and adult/child workshops.  During the summer, we offer week-long, themed, half-day art camps.


Sawtooth Youth Art Programs are designed to spark imagination, encourage self-expression, and make a lifelong connection to visual art.  Our small class sizes allow for individualized experience for our students in a creative environment.  We take pride in offering a high quality of art education while improving critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and observation and collaboration skills.  In our elementary level studios during the school year, we offer multi-week classes, weekend workshops, and adult/youth workshops in a variety of mediums.  During the summer, we offer week-long, themed, half and full-day art camps.  At Camp Sawtooth we make art all day, every day!


During the school year, we offer classes for teen students in all of our studios.  Classes include drawing, painting, glass, metals, wood, ceramics, and digital arts.

During the summer, we have two specialty programs for our teen students.  For rising 6th– 9th grade students, we have ARTeen.  For rising 9th– 12th grade students, we have Summer Art Immersion.

Both of these programs are specialty art studio classes for teen students.  Bringing talented middle and high school art students together with professional artists and art educators, we offer exceptionally creative and high quality art studio classes tailored for students with a passion for visual arts. Small class sizes combined with tailored instruction offers students the ability to explore art forms appropriate for the novice or for those with experience. Through these hands-on learning experiences, Sawtooth teen students develop their individual creativity, inspire new ideas, and

These studios provide hands-on learning experiences that encourage individual creative exploration in an intimate collaborative learning environment.



Community Events

With our mission to strengthen our community’s creative core, the Youth Department regularly seeks to make art with new people across Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.  We have multiple community events hosted here at Sawtooth each year, and we participate in many events across the county.  Look for our banner while you’re out and about, and get ready to make some art with us!  Click here to see our upcoming events.