“Unpacking Leo Morrissey” Unfolding Exhibition

The “Unpacking Leo Morrissey” exhibition in the Davis Gallery will feature work from New Jersey-based artist Leo Morrissey, showcasing the breadth of his work. Leo’s work explores the depth of meaning that emerges with the repeated production of images over time, and an integral part of his practice is site-specific. His work has been included in exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan Museum of Art, Monash Gallery in Australia, Galleria del Carbone in Ferrara, Italy and more.

The exhibition will be curated by Paul Bright, director of the Hanes Art Gallery at Wake Forest University. During the course of the exhibition, Sawtooth, with the help of Bright and student assistants, will unpack and reveal the artist’s daily art projects from his eight years living in Winston-Salem. When the exhibition opens January 18, only about half of the works will be displayed, with the remaining works brought out and presented as the exhibition transpires, through February 22.

The exhibition and related events are free and open to the public.

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