Stephanie (Steph) Carpenter is a writer, researcher, and affable introvert. The first two characteristics help her to seek, write, and report on grants and other funding. The last makes her a decent dinner party guest until 8:30 pm, when she really must leave.

For the first half of her career, Steph was a development editor in academic publishing. Her name can be found on the copyright pages of upwards of 25 college writing textbooks, from handbooks to literary anthologies. Steph also has experience managing federal grants and teaching college writing. Her work and that of her husband, Bill, have taken them all over the country and she considers herself fortunate to have landed in Winston-Salem for the duration. Steph graduated from William Jewell College, near Kansas City, Missouri (BA, English and French) and from The University of Kansas (MA, English).


Phone: 336-723-7395, ex 1212.