Eddie Fitzgerald’s work with Sawtooth began in 2003 with Deck the Halls, Sawtooth’s annual holiday fundraiser that showcases the art and craft of local artisans.

Eddie is a professional woodworker who holds a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in Art History (both with Honors) from George Mason University. He encourages and inspires woodworking students with his knowledge not only of the craft, but the social importance of having the capacity to create meaningful objects for ourselves and others. For him, wood is a medium that intrinsically ties nature, cultural history, and art with the functional objects in our lives.

“Sawtooth’s arts and crafts programming foster self-confidence and independence in our students, as well as the communal aspect of creating and sharing. Working with wood returns one to the vivacity of the natural world, the thousands of years of accumulated knowledge of the craft, and its impact on our daily lives and region. Sawtooth’s woodworking program introduces students to these worlds.”

Contact Eddie:

Email: eddiefitzgerald@sawtooth.org
Phone: 336-723-7395, ex 1213