Jessica Tefft has a background as a professional photographer and artist. A Winston-Salem native, she has worked as a photojournalist in South Carolina, Denver and Washington, DC. Returning to her hometown after more than two decades away, she has become active in the arts community here, currently serving as president of Artworks Gallery in Winston-Salem.

As director of the Digital Arts Studio, Jessica likes to question what people consider “art.” While art based on technology is often thought of as sterile, for her it opens up whole new worlds in which new technologies can be melded with established methods to push the boundaries of what we traditionally consider art.

Sawtooth is a family tradition for Jessica. Her mother, Roberta Tefft, taught photography at the school many years ago. “As a kid, I remember spending hours creating photograms in the Sawtooth darkroom. Every image that I created seemed magical. I’m glad to be part of a community that fosters creativity.”

Contact Jessie:

Phone: 336-723-7395, ex 1230