Ciara Loscombe first moved to Winston Salem in 2016 to pursue a BFA in Contemporary Dance at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). During her time there, Ciara collaborated with UNCSA alumni Monica and Jerome Johnson to open a community-based dance program, MJIDE, with a mission ‘to nurture dancers with comprehensive artistic education, enhancing understanding of cultural and social importance of the arts, providing high quality technical training for all”.

After graduating from UNC School of the Arts in 2020, Ciara received her Master’s in the Science of Management from The University of Wake Forest in 2021, despite the challenges posed to academic study by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ciara is honored to be a part of Sawtooth and to be surrounded by inspiring and talented artists each day. Ciara hopes to utilize her diverse academic background by challenging preconceptions within the dance community and by exemplifying professionalism inside artistic spaces.

Phone: 336-723-7395, ex 1205.