Work at Sawtooth: Director of Youth Programs

Summary of Job:
The Director of Youth Programs will develop curriculum for and manage a diversified, innovative, quality arts education program for youth (pre-K and through 12th Grade) in coordination with other studio directors. The position is a part-time (30-35 hours/week) non-exempt employee. Hours are subject to change seasonally. Summer months may require 40+ hours/week.

Essential Functions:

  • Design, coordinate and implement sequential and non-sequential mix of age appropriate courses and workshops in multiple disciplines, including but not exclusively – painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, animation, digital arts, glass, metals, woodworking, textiles and printmaking.
  • Contract, negotiate pay rates within approved guidelines, train, orient, evaluate, and maintain competent artist instructors for all courses.
  • Address student and teacher safety, including the creation and dissemination of all emergency procedures including safety drills when appropriate.
  • Secure, maintain, and file contracts for all instructors.
  • Process and provide instructor pay schedules with documentation of hours worked to the bookkeeper each pay period.
  • Develop and maintain artistically and educationally sound classes and workshops.
  • Observe instructors and provide performance evaluations to the instructors and to the Executive Director on a regular basis.
  • Act as the point-of-contact for students and parents.
  • Maintain the physical plant appearance/use of the studio facilities and storage closets and ensure that equipment, supplies, and other items necessary for instruction are available and in good condition.
  • Supervise and manage the completion of all classes/projects of students.
  • Create the course descriptions and schedules for the quarterly class catalogue.
  • Enter courses into registration software and update entries on a quarterly basis as needed.
  • Process registrations (email, walk-in, or phone), answer phones, and provide excellent customer service when in the office.
  • Perform the administrative and record-keeping responsibilities as outlined by the Executive Director and as needed to account for transactions and activities, including, but not limited to:

– Issuance of instructor contracts, pay rates, payment requests, and instructor pay         schedules.
– Updates to session database in relation to instructors, pay rates, classes.
– Updates to master list database for changes of addresses or new instructors.
– Documentation of quarterly department totals.
– Monitor enrollment of each class, canceling if necessary, notifying instructor and students, and requesting refunds or credits for paid students.
– Responding to scholarship inquiries and submitting completed applications along with recommendations for granting support.
– Handling customer relations and complaint resolution.

  • Teach classes and substitute for teachers when needed.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings as designated by the Executive Director.
  • Handle customer relations and complaint resolutions.
  • Develop and coordinate outreach opportunities with community organizations, public/private schools and clubs.
  • Develop and implement customized workshops/classes for a variety of organizations
  • Coordinate and host community open house events to generate exposure and market programming.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Studio Director must be an experienced artist in the selected discipline(s).
  • Documented experience as a working artist and appropriate teaching experience.
  • Degree in art or other appropriate area is required, along with documented experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite: PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Including the ability to do a mail merge bulk mail letter).
  • Able to use class registration software (CRM database experience preferred).
  • Working knowledge of Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and similar Social Media products.
  • Group email distribution, photo editing and Windows Media proficiency
  • Must maintain records and files in a highly organized fashion.
  • Must be able to work with and interact constructively with all staff and instructors in a team environment.

Expected Hours of Work:
30-45 hours per week depending on season; specific office hours determined in coordination with Executive Director.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements:
· Maintains physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, which may include the following: walking, bending, stretching, lifting, standing or sitting for extended periods of time, operating assigned equipment.
· Ability to work flexible/overtime hours, as needed.

TO APPLY: Please email Executive Director Amy Jordan with a cover letter and resume: