Work at Sawtooth: Director of Woodworking

 The Director of Woodworking will develop and manage a diversified, innovative and high-quality arts educational program in wood. This program includes classes for adults, middle and high school students along with workshops and Taste of Art classes. The Director of Woodworking is a part-time regular employee who works no more than 30 hours per week. The schedule is flexible in consultation with the Executive Director.

The Director of Woodworking is expected to manage multiple tasks at once, track details thoroughly, successfully execute projects from start to finish, and handle recurring tasks without prompting.

The director will need to:

  • Use the current strategic plan and Sawtooth mission as guides for program development
  • Regularly send class surveys; review feedback in detail and adjust programming, instructor placement, and curriculum when appropriate
  • Be actively engaged in outreach, networking events, and marketing strategies to engage audiences interested in woodworking and increase registration numbers in the program each session
  • Continually recalibrate all efforts to assure success and increase revenue
  • Identify experts in the field and regularly host visiting artists and craftsmen to help drive interest and continue advancing the caliber of programming

Specific soft skills required.  This position requires interfacing with a large number and variety of people: the general public, students, teachers, donors, co-workers, members of the board of directors, retail customers, groups and special populations. The Director of Woodworking must be flexible, have excellent customer service instincts and take direction well. Because the workspace is public, the wood program director must be organized and keep a neat, well-maintained and clean studio space.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and coordinate a mix of artistically and educationally sound courses and workshops in the discipline
  • Contract with and negotiate teacher pay rates within approved guidelines.
  • Train, orient, evaluate, and maintain competent artists instructors for all courses
  • Secure, maintain, and file payroll and contract paperwork for all instructors
  • Process and provide instructor pay schedules with documentation of hours worked to the bookkeeper each pay period
  • Observe instructors and provide performance evaluations to the instructors and to the Executive Director on a regular basis
  • Act as the point-of-contact for students and instructors
  • Maintain studio facilities and ensure that equipment, supplies, and other items necessary for instruction are purchased within budget and available in a timely manner for the completion of class activities
  • Supervise and manage the completion of all student projects
  • Create the course descriptions and schedules for the quarterly class catalog
  • Enter courses into our class registration software quarterly and update entries as needed
  • Process registrations (email, walk-in, or phone), answer phones, and provide excellent customer service when in the office
  • Perform the administrative and record-keeping responsibilities as outlined by the Executive Director and as needed to account for transactions and activities, including, but not limited to:
    • Issuance of instructor contracts, pay rates, payment requests, and instructor pay schedules
    • Updates to session database in relation to instructors, pay rates, classes
    • Updates to Google Calendar, SharePoint and other applications as necessary
    • Updates to databases for changes of addresses or new instructors
    • Documentation of quarterly department revenue totals
    • Provide quarterly demographic numbers for the Arts Council
    • Monitor enrollment of each class, canceling if necessary, notifying instructor and students, and requesting refunds or credits for paid students
    • Handling customer relations and complaint resolution
  • Teach classes as a part of or in addition to regular work hours and substitute for teachers when needed
  • Coordinate classroom resources and help with any set-up required for classes, workshops and Taste of Art experiences. This includes, in some instances, working on Saturday and/or Sundays.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings as designated by the Executive Director
  • Handling other duties as assigned by the Executive Director
  • Participate or collaborate with other staff to present special events throughout the year

Qualifications and Experience:

This position reports directly to the Executive Director and serves as part of a collaborative team that includes the SSVA staff and instructors. Studio Directors must be artists experienced in the appropriate discipline(s).  Degree in art or other appropriate area is required, along with documented experience as a working artist and appropriate teaching experience. Must be able to work with and interact constructively with all staff and instructors in a team environment.

To Apply: Please submit a current resume or CV and a link to your portfolio of work or website to Position is open until filled.