Three Creative Snow Day Activities

By Lauren Duncan

I absolutely love snow days! Snow days are perfect for family time since everyone is home together. You have a full day, or more, to relax, create, and explore together! If you’re a working parent and trying to juggle working from home, these activities can help keep your kids busy. Here are some of my favorite snow day art activities:


One-page books

a. You will need: sheets of paper, scissors, and mark making materials (colored pencils, crayons, pastels, or other). 

b. Fold a sheet of paper in eighths.

c. Cut the two middle sections along the middle crease (the two dotted sections in the photo).

d. Collapse the page in half and push it together so that the folds create a mini book with six pages.

e. Illustrate your very own story!

Painted Trees

a. You will need: black oil pastel, watercolor paints, paint brushes, water cup, a Qtip, and white acrylic paint.

b. Draw a Y tree (each branch travels in the shape of a Y). At the end of the branch, add another Y. 

c. Color the tree/branches with black oil pastel.

d. Wax resist! Paint the entire surface with watercolor.  Oil pastels will push watercolor off and resist it. 

e. With white acrylic and a Q-Tip, make snowflakes: flakes are large near the base of the tree and get smaller as they go up! 

f. Dilute the acrylic with enough water to splatter the artwork with tiny, unique snowflakes!

Ideas for modification: sprinkle salt on the watercolor wash while it is still wet, use a foam stamp to make big snowflakes, collage the background with recycled paper, make it 3-D with mini, pop-up snowflakes!


Kraft paper adventures


a. You will need: Kraft paper or any wide paper and mark making materials (colored pencils, crayons, pastels, or other).

b. Spread paper across the kitchen table or even the floor.
c. Using your mark making materials, draw an outline for a treasure map.

d. Color the landscape, obstacles, characters, transportation devices, and treasure!


Ideas for modification: make your treasure map 3-D by building up the landscape features, draw a series of picture frames so each person can make their own masterpiece, or design a board game for the family to play!