Spring & Summer At Sawtooth

The sun is out and creativity is blooming at Sawtooth! We are excited about another session of art and possibility.

+ Visiting Artists

Jason Stockman is a ceramic artist and educator currently based out of Florida. He is currently an assistant professor of ceramics and 3-D program head at State College of Florida in Bradenton. His demonstration workshop in February will focus on form and surface with an emphasis on color. Using a process of replication will allow the creation of a form that can be explored with a variety of colors. This session will also delve into the use of color and the psychological relation to emotion, identity and more.

Christopher Darway has been working in metals for more than 40 years as a designer, teacher, and artisan. He has sold and exhibited work through the American Craft Council and Smithsonian Craft Shows. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Japan and England. He currently teaches at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Penn. His workshop in June will explore Steam Casting. Low tech in execution but sophisticated in theory, steam casting is a fun way to do lost wax casting without much equipment. Students will carve hard wax for rings and make hot glue gun rings.

Megan Tanskersly will be teaching an Introduction to Virtual Reality Illustration Workshop (Teen-Adult). Imagine walking through a painting. Now imagine that it’s your painting. This is what cutting-edge Virtual Reality lets you do. Using Oculus Quest headsets and Google Tilt Brush, expand your reality into three dimensions where the room is your canvas and your imagination is your palette. We show you how to do it. All you need is a desire to experiment and play.

+ Spring Exhibitions

April –  Sawtooth is proud to present the fifth annual award winning entries from Speedball’s New Impressions National Printmaking Competition.

May – Paul Bright “Walden II “ and Leigh Ann Halberg “Murray Bay: Standing Wave”

June –  Artists are collaborating with scientists and researchers at Wake Forest Center For Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), culminating in an exhibition in June 2020. This will include work by Sawtooth artists Joyce Teta, Seth Charles, and Terri Dowell Dennis, as well as WFIRM visiting artist-in-residence Kelly Milukas.

+ Events

Metal Clay Artists Symposium at Sawtooth School for Visual Art features hands-on Metal Clay Workshops, Torch Trials, Metal Clay Roundtable, Product Playground, Metal Clay Expressions Exhibit, Meet the Teachers, Breakout Sessions, Technique Discovery Workshops and more! August 27-30, 2020. Visit MCAS2020.com for more details.

Film Photography Project Weekend Workshop. Join the Film Photography Project for a weekend seminar at Sawtooth. FPP was founded in 2009 by Michael Raso to support and inspire film photographers and movie makers around the globe.Activities will cover a range of film photography topics including large format, wet plate, home development & chemistry and much more. Test new products, exchange ideas and test drive new skills – maybe even win the raffle! June 5-7, 2020