New Letterpress: The Empress

Workshops on Sat., April 13 & Sat., June 15. Free event on Thurs., May 2

This spring marks the first letterpress printmaking classes offered at Sawtooth with our recently acquired antique letterpress, a classic Vandercook-3 press from the 1950s. After a recent naming contest within our community, the name “The Empress” was selected. The letterpress purchase was made possible by a grant from the Windgate Foundation and a donation from the Schupbach-Gordon family. “Introduction to Letterpress Printing” workshops on Sat., April 13 and Sat., June 15. On Thurs., May 2, Sawtooth will hold a free event called “Good Impressions: Readings from the Press Bed” featuring a reading from poet and creative writing professor Charmaine Cadeau. Attendees will have the chance to print and keep a broadside with Charmaine’s text and an image.