New Letterpress: The Empress

Sawtooth acquired our Letterpress in Fall of 2019. Check out our current printmaking classes for this session’s letterpress offerings. 

This spring marks the first letterpress printmaking classes offered at Sawtooth with our recently acquired antique letterpress, a classic Vandercook-3 press from the 1950s. After a recent naming contest within our community, the name “The Empress” was selected. The letterpress purchase was made possible by a grant from the Windgate Foundation and a donation from the Schupbach-Gordon family. “Introduction to Letterpress Printing” workshops on Sat., April 13 and Sat., June 15. On Thurs., May 2, Sawtooth will hold a free event called “Good Impressions: Readings from the Press Bed” featuring a reading from poet and creative writing professor Charmaine Cadeau. Attendees will have the chance to print and keep a broadside with Charmaine’s text and an image.