National Library Week 2019

by Sawtooth Staff

In Honor of National Library Week, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite art books. Since, the 2019 theme for this week is “Libraries = Strong Communities,” many of these books can be found at a NC Library.

  • “Six Drawing Lessons” by William Kentridge | Amazon

“This book is a trusted friend. I have underlined the text and written all over the margins. It is a reminder that the studio is one of the artist’s tools, even sometimes a brain. The studio is smart.
You go there and habits, rituals, actions develop and start to make things. It is a place to indulge in chance, the ridiculous, the unforeseen. The book helps me remember that I am well accompanied by my studio, my materials, and the other artists in their own studios.” – from Leslie Smith, Director of Graphics & Textiles

  • “Museum Watching” by Elliott Erwitt | Amazon
  • “Tar Beach” by Faith Ringold | Amazon
  • “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” by Chris Van Allsburg | NC Cardinal
  • “My Dogs Brain” by Stephen Huneck | Amazon

“I love the artistry and humor in the works above. Faith Ringold’s work is so beautiful that it made me want to learn how to quilt.” – from Jessie Tefft, Director of Photography and Digital Art

  • “Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship” by Claire Bishop | Amazon

“This book, a key player in my post-graduate research, prompts the reader to break down the language of public art practice; it develops and defines new terminology for participatory art. Participatory art necessitates the inclusion of active participants, allowing for an assemblage of creators to collectively engage in a public art project. Bishop conveys, by providing the reader with numerous examples in a contemporary context, that community-engaged art is a considerable component of political art, and used for more than just purely visual representation. This is a fascinating read that encourages one to dissect the parameters of public art and how it can be used as a creative tool for more than just aesthetic reasons.” – from Lindsay Piper Potter-Figueriedo

  • “The Penland Book of Jewelry: Master Classes in Jewelry Techniques” by Marthe Le Van | Amazon 

“This book is simultaneously inspirational, educational and just plain eye candy. 10 master metalsmiths who have taught at Penland (one of whom also taught at Sawtooth) are featured. Each chapter features a master giving instruction on technique, gallery photos of their work, and discussion of their thought process and passion for their art.” – from Sara Stine, Director of Glass, Metals & Lapidary 

“I love these two books for their ability to inspire curiosity, possibility, and creativity.  We read them with our students and campers regularly, and they always make me want to create too! You can find them in the NC Library system *and* at Bookmarks. ”  – from Lauren Duncan, Director of Youth 

  • “Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color” by Julia Denos | NC Cardinal 
  • & “The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse” by Eric Carle | NC Cardinal

“These two books are BURSTING with color!  If you imagine the world full of the brightest of bright colors, then these books are for you. Get your paints ready before you read these books because you’ll want to create with them immediately after turning the last page!” – from Lauren Duncan, Director of Youth 

  • “Simple Beauty: The Shakers in America” by William C Ketchum, Jr. | Amazon

from Eddie Fitzgerald, Director of Wood

  • “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger | NC Cardinal 
  • “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams | Amazon
  • “Charles White: A Retrospective” by Sarah Kelly Oehler and Esther Adler | Amazon

” I love this book! Charles White was one of my father’s favorite artists. Recently MOMA did a retrospective of his work and this book is a companion for that exhibition. Theorists and artists reflect upon White’s influence and give insight to his style. Seeing the fullness of an artist’s life inspires me and seeing this underappreciated artist being honored gives me hope.”  – from Jasmine Huff, Marketing Assistant


These are just a few of our favorite books. Visit Sawtooth and you’ll see books in many of our studios and even in our shop! If you have a favorite art book, share it with us on social media with the hashtag #sawtoothschool!