Lou Krueger

Visitng Artist

Krueger will join Sawtooth as a visiting artist this Fall ( Oct. 18 and 19), teaching a how-to workshop on experimental camera-building. Krueger, professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University, has taught camera workshops at the Penland School of Crafts and other prestigious institutions. His artwork has been exhibited across the country, including solo shows at the Soho Photo Gallery (NYC) and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts.

This 1½- day workshop will focus on building your own wooden camera, which will work with 4″x5″ film holders. Students will use their cameras to make black and white pinhole photographs. Students will also learn modifications to the camera that expand the types of images you can make, along with basic photo principles and darkroom printing.

Lou has decided to design a new pinhole camera specifically for Sawtooth that should be pretty sophisticated, which will have reversible lens boards that change focal lengths easily. We’ll make several pinholes that also have interchangeable lens boards which permit multiple apertures that are held in place by series of magnets.