Improve Your Image With Sawtooth Photography

Our photography department has grown! We now have a fully equipped photography studio, darkroom, and digital lab to meet all of your photography needs. With this growth has come new studio classes to build your portfolio, enhanced workshops and classes, and an ever-expanding Sawtooth Photo League. The Sawtooth Photo League currently has 30 members and offers you a chance to receive feedback on your photography from fellow students and instructors, watch photography-related movies, and participate in photo walks. We also have a new photography blog with tips and updates on upcoming events and classes, as well as spotlights on student work.

For further information about Sawtooth photography, please contact department coordinator Julian Charles at or 336-723-7395 x.230. You can also sign up for our photography email list to stay in touch with us.

Summer 2018

  • Adobe Lightroom Basics (620)
  • Advanced Lightroom (CC2018) (627)
  • Advanced Photoshop (Adobe CC 2018) (667)
  • An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (CC2018) (665)
  • An Introduction to Darkroom Photography (684)
  • Digital Photography I (606)
  • Digital Photography II (647)
  • iPhoneography II Workshop (6020)
  • New Camera, New Adventure! (6120)
  • Photoshop CC: Photography Restoration Workshop (6083)
  • Photoshop CC: Portrait Retouching Workshop (6114)
  • Street Portraits (6076)
  • The Darkroom Cooperative & Open Studio (625)
  • The Sawtooth Photo League (6606)
  • Transfer Methods Workshop (42221)

Fall 2018

  • Photo Expedition with Julian Charles: Glacier National Park, MT (6103)