Digital Arts
Sawtooth is opening the doors to explore avenues of technology that question the traditional concept of art and look at how circuit boards can create new beauty. The philosophy of the studio is to encourage self-expression and artistic growth. Students are encouraged to sample and try new things without feeling the need for any particular piece to be perfect. The studio will open the world of next-generation computer creativity to the Sawtooth community. We will teach the latest methods for using computers to create art. Students can immerse themselves in the emerging fields of 3D printing, laser cutting, electronic wearables, digital drawing, digital painting, video, digital comics, robotics and more. Questions? Contact the Director of Digital Arts Jessica Tefft:

Winter 2019

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (100)
  • 1014. Introduction to 3D Printing (Sawtooth-MIXXER joint workshop) (1014)
  • Beginning Rotoscope Animation Workshop Teens (13+) (1021)
  • Building Logos in Adobe Illustrator: A Workshop for Beginners (1020)
  • Creating Sound for Video (Lecture) (1018)
  • Experimental Techniques with Adobe Photoshop CC (14+) (Workshop) (1022)
  • Hand-Lettering Workshop (1080)
  • Introduction to Digital Collage (WORKSHOP) ( 16+) (1072)
  • Introduction to Digital Drawing and Comics ( 10+) (Workshop) (1017)
  • Introduction to Digital Painting (Workshop) (1024)
  • Introduction to using Digital Drawing Tablets with Adobe Photoshop (Workshop) (1023)
  • Making Digital Comics for Teens (Workshop) (13+) (1016)
  • Marketing Your Art Series (170)
  • Taste of Art- Digital Arts Virtual Reality ( Free Demo) (1050)
  • Taste of Digital Arts Drawing Tablets (1050)