Class Image Shimmering Silver: The Art of Enameling Silver Clay

Shimmering Silver: The Art of Enameling Silver Clay

Unleash your creativity and master the mesmerizing art of creating exquisite enameled silver jewelry in the captivating class, "Shimmering Silver: Enameling Mastery in Jewelry Making," taught by the skilled artisan, Carrie Story. Elevate your jewelry-making skills as you delve into the intricate world of enameling, turning simple silver clay into stunning, vibrant works of wearable art.


In this hands-on workshop, learn to craft a silver clay pendant with deep, alluring channels, allowing you to experiment with a spectrum of enamel colors and create truly unique pieces. Guided by Carrie Story, embark on a journey that covers every step of the enameling process, from inception to completion.


   - Gain an understanding of the history and techniques of enameling.

   - Explore the properties of silver clay and its malleability.

   - Learn to roll, cut, and refine the silver clay to bring your pendant design to life.

   - Develop skills in crafting deep channels to hold the vibrant enamels.

   - Discover the nuances of firing silver clay to achieve impeccable strength and durability.

   - Master polishing techniques to ensure a smooth and lustrous surface.

   - Experiment with an array of enamel colors to add depth and vibrancy to your design.

   - Learn to apply enamel to the channels, creating stunning visual contrasts.

   - Fine-tune your pendant, ensuring seamless integration of enamel and silver.

   - Gain insights into attaching findings for a completed piece of jewelry.


**Materials Provided:**

 Each student will receive 15g of premium Project X .999 silver clay, carefully curated enamel colors for your unique project, and access to a wide range of tools and equipment needed to bring your creation to life.


**What You'll Take Home:**

 By the end of the course, you'll proudly depart with a one-of-a-kind silver clay pendant, boasting intricate channels adorned with your personally selected enamel colors. Not only will you have a stunning piece of jewelry, but you'll also carry with you newfound expertise in enameling that can be applied to future artistic endeavors.


**Who Should Attend:**

 This class is perfect for both beginners and intermediate jewelry enthusiasts looking to expand their skills and create dazzling enameled silver jewelry. No prior experience is necessary—just a passion for artistry and a desire to learn.


Elevate your jewelry-making prowess and craft wearable art that shimmers and shines. Reserve your spot today and uncover the secrets to transforming silver clay into captivating works of art under the guidance of Carrie Story, a master in the realm of metal clay.

A kit fee of $90 will be collected at registration and covers all materials. Last date for registration is December 7th or when full.