Class Image Watercolor Landscapes: Trees, Ground and Sky

Watercolor Landscapes: Trees, Ground and Sky

of tree branches and leaves to understand more
clearly how trees grow. Look at examples of landscape
paintings to see how artists depict trees, landscape
space, light and weather. Doing these studies will
also be a time to experiment with some different
ways to use watercolor as a medium. Please bring
a photo to work from in the afternoon of a favorite
landscape with trees, ground and sky. Suggestions:
Choose images with a close up tree and a distant view.
Beautiful clouds. Sunsets or sunrises. Mountains
or hills in the distance. A laptop with the photo (s)
is ideal, but a print - not too small - is also fine. This
workshop is open to all skill levels. Beginners may
choose to continue doing studies of the individual
parts - of trees, different skies, hills or mountains.
Everyone can expect lots of individual attention and
instruction about watercolor techniques as well as
assistance with the challenges of representing nature.