Class Image Wheel Throwing + Wood and Soda Firing (Beginning & Intermediate)

Wheel Throwing + Wood and Soda Firing (Beginning & Intermediate)

This class is available only to students who have taken at least 1 clay class at Sawtooth.

Participants will develop an understanding of the unique qualities and processes of using wood and soda vapor to fire ceramics. During the firings, the draft created by the chimney pulls wood ash  and sodium (soda) vapors released by the heat of the fire through the kiln. The ash is deposited on the ware in the path of the flame and creates a varied palette of colors and textures not achievable in any other way. 


Beginners will learn the fundamentals of throwing clay on the pottery wheel as well as the fundamentals of wood firing ceramics. Students will learn how to manipulate clay on the potter’s wheel to create functional, unique and personal pieces. We will focus on learning basic forms such as cups, bowls, and mugs.


Intermediate students are invited to practice wheel throwing techniques with the goal of refining your approach, building new skills, and challenging yourself to throw more advanced forms. Demonstrations will focus on techniques for throwing with consistent results, while also emphasizing the importance of design for making functional pots. Interested students may work on component making such as lids, spouts, handles, and/or matching sets. Ages: 18 - Adult