Class Image Special Topics - Wood and Soda Firing

Special Topics - Wood and Soda Firing

Join us for the inaugural firing of Sawtooth’s newest wood fired kiln! Explore form, function, textures, tactile qualities, and surface development of atmospheric firing. Participants will develop an understanding of the unique qualities and processes of using wood and soda vapor to fire ceramics. During the firings, the draft created by the chimney pulls wood ash  and sodium (soda) vapors released by the heat of the fire through the kiln. The ash is deposited on the ware in the path of the flame and creates a varied palette of colors and textures not achievable in any other way.


This intermediate level class is geared towards individuals who feel comfortable with the fundamentals of wheel throwing or hand building and are eager to improve their skills. Explore how to use the potter's wheel as a tool for creating composite forms. Learn techniques for combining thrown and slab-built parts. Those comfortable with the wheel can expand formal possibilities by using slabs and hand-built elements. Those more familiar with hand building will see how the wheel can be used as a tool to create parts and pieces to build with. Students will learn how to embellish their pieces using slips and glazes for wood/soda. For those making functional work, all pieces will be food safe and fully functional. Ages: 18 -  Adult