Sawtooth School for Visual Art is dedicated to providing quality creative art instruction to a diverse student body. It is our hope that one’s financial circumstances never prevent an individual or family from participating in our arts programming. To that end, we have updated our scholarship guidelines in hopes of making our classes more accessible to interested individuals throughout the region. It is through the generosity of individual donors and public foundations that we are able to offer financial assistance to a broader range of students. 

A complimentary one year membership will accompany all scholarships. Scholarships are not available for Taste of Art classes.

Take a look at our scholarship types to see if you qualify. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Individual & Family Scholarships

Individuals and families seeking tuition assistance for classes can apply to receive between 30-95% off on classes and workshops for a year.  Please note that we now require proof of income for ALL scholarships applications in the form of two current pay stubs, a W2, or a most recent tax return. Please send financial documents to We will not be able to process your scholarship until documents have been received.

The Standby Discount for Students and Educators

Full time educators and students who take unfilled spots in classes will be awarded half-off the current class price. Those placed on the standby list will be notified of available space in a class one week in advance of the class start date. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To be placed on the list, please email and follow the instructions below:

Educators and College Students – Please send an email requesting to be placed on the standby list from your school email address. Provide your name and current contact information, including your best phone number and email address. Homeschool educators, please provide the name of your school along with the requested information above.

K-12 Students – Please send an email requesting to be placed on the standby list noting the student’s name and date of birth, current grade level, and the school they attend. Along with this, we need a parent or guardian’s name, best phone number and email address.


Artists and employees of art organizations in our area will receive at least 30% off all classes and workshops for a six-month period simply by filling out individual scholarship application below.


Adults interested in working closely with a specific department can receive 75% off tuition for participating in a work-study program. For more information, please contact the Arts Program Director of your desired medium. For a list of Directors, click here. Work-study placement is limited and hours will be determined individually based on the program needs and availability.


The JoAnne Vernon Scholarship Fund was established by Lorraine Fassett in honor of her daughter, our late esteemed Executive Director. This fund provides scholarships for children and adults to ensure that lack of financial resources is not an obstacle to accessing Sawtooth School’s visual art programs.

We gratefully acknowledge the Winston-Salem Foundation for providing this support through the following funds: The Sawtooth School for Visual Art Scholarship Fund, The Sawtooth School for Visual Art Endowment, The Chris Yarborough Memorial Sawtooth School Trust, and The Bess Lee Burke Memorial Fund.

Thanks to the generosity of the  Reynolds American Foundation for awarding a grant to fund need-based scholarships for children and adults.

We gratefully acknowledge Beth Bealle for providing the support to create the Bealle Family Scholarship Fund for Seniors in honor of her parents, LoAnne and Burnitt Bealle. This fund is specifically for need-based tuition assistance for students aged 60 and older.


  • To apply for an Individual Scholarship, complete this  form.
  • To apply for A Family Scholarship, complete this form.