Workshops & Classes

In an effort to reach not only the patient but the professional, we have extended our workshops and classes to every part of the professional community that supports cancer patients. These individuals not only have the capacity to pass along the knowledge of the transforming power of creative art processes but they too can benefit, as the stresses of helping those with this disease can be overwhelming also. We offer:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Workshops – combining multiple vehicles for creative expression (such as writing, visual arts, and yoga) to increase the impact for each participant.
  • Two-Hour Classes – guiding participants through each step of the creative process, no previous experience is required. Choose from ceramics, painting, printmaking, jewelry making, photography, silk scarf dyeing and more.
  • Support Group Sessions – providing art experiences during support group meetings to reach participants on a regular basis and in an atmosphere where they feel safe.
  • One-Hour Sessions – providing art experiences offsite with various groups, at their place of work, lodging, etc. “Art in a Bag.”
  • Conferences and Board Meetings – 15 to 30-minute-high impact examples of creative expression for stress relief and relaxation while also providing a vehicle for community connectivity.


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Events & Collaborations

We partner with organizations and institutions in and around our community to provide programming both onsite and offsite. Partners include: Cancer Services, Novant/Derrick L. Davis Cancer Center, Wake Forest University – Department of Humanities and Divinity School, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Hospice & Palliative Care Center, and Hayworth Cancer Center.