Story of My Life: the Multimedia Exhibit

The Story of My Life shares the lives of six adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Greg Silvernail, James Loudermilk, John Linville, Cecelia Henry, Karen Lash and Ghree Lockard. Their stories are told through photographs, spoken and written word, and visual art that they created in collaboration with instructors from the Sawtooth School. The multi-media exhibition opened Friday, October 11th and it’ll remain on display through November 14th at the Egbert & Eleanor Davis Gallery at the Sawtooth.

The project is a collaboration among the six adults whose lives are examined, the documentary makers and faculty at the Sawtooth. The adults featured in the exhibit worked individually with artists to find media that spoke to them and then produced sculpture, prints and jewelry. They also worked with photographer Christine Rucker to document their lives, taking images of people close to them and features in the landscape that struck them –signs, a truck, the lines in the middle of the road.

The Story of My Life is told by three local award-winning documentarians: photographer Christine Rucker, journalist and multimedia editor Michelle Johnson, and investigative journalist, narrative writer and college teacher Phoebe Zerwick. Christine and Phoebe were joined in the studio by Sawtooth Executive Director Joanne Vernon.

“Everyone has a story,” Zerwick said. “We wanted to tell the stories of people who are often marginalized in our culture but whose lives are filled with meaning, joy and a profound sense of community.”

Click here to listen to the interview with WFDD.

Click here to see the official Story of My Life website.

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  1. Patrick Kelley

    November @ 12

    James is a very bright light. Watching his video is uplifting. Anyone who has or knows a special needs child should watch this.

  2. Sawtooth

    November @ 4

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Patrick. I hope you have had a chance to come by and see the exhibit in person.

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