Sawtooth Announces New Scholarships and Financial Assistance Options

Sawtooth School for Visual Art is proud to announce that they have updated scholarship and finical assistance options to include more people who are interested in learning a new art form or skill.

“Sawtooth is dedicated to providing quality creative art instruction to a diverse student body,” said Alex Klein, Director of Admissions and Student Services. “We know that sometimes a student’s financial circumstances may prevent them from being able to take a class or workshop, and we don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to learn something new or to become a great artist.”

Sawtooth has updated their scholarship guidelines making access to classes and workshops more accessible to interested individuals throughout the region. “It is through the generosity of individual donors and public foundations that we are able to offer financial assistance to a broader range of students,” said Meghan Parsons, Director of Marketing & PR.

Scholarships and financial assistance options include:

Individual & Family Scholarships
Individuals and families seeking tuition assistance for classes can receive 30–95% off all classes and workshops for a six-month period.

The Standby Discount for Students and Educators
Full time educators and students who take unfilled spots in classes will be awarded half-off the current class price.

Art Partners
Artists and employees of art organizations in our area can receive at least 30% off all classes and workshops for a six-month period.

Work-Study Scholarships
Adults interested in working closely with a specific department can receive 75% off tuition for participating in a work-study program.

A complimentary one-year membership will accompany all scholarships and includes a quarterly course catalog by mail or email, 10% off in the Sawtooth Gift Shop on Mondays (except during Deck the Halls), and invitations to special Sawtooth School events.

For more information about scholarships, financial assistance, and availability visit, or contact Alex Klein, Director of Admissions and Student Services, by calling (336) 723-7395 ext. 210 or emailing

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