Printmaking has a new home at Sawtooth

mona wu squareThe new Takach printing press placed in a designated printmaking studio at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art fulfills a longstanding vision for a printmaking program at the school and provides an opportunity for building community among printmakers.

“With this room you have a sense of belonging, said Mona Wu, a printmaker who has been a Sawtooth instructor since 1981. She’s taught printmaking for three to four years. “I love it. This is sort of like my gospel. I like to spread the joy of printmaking.”

The printmaking studio provides a dedicated space for classes and an opportunity for printmakers to learn from one another and to explore their craft with open studio time.

“It is contagious,” Wu said. “Being a printmaker you are inevitably in a community. Sometimes you work alone: ink the plate, put it on the press, put paper on the board, crank the press, then you peel it off. When you peel if off, people would gather and see what’s happening. When people say, ‘Oh, I love that,’ that is the comradery among the printmakers. That moment of truth.”

Click here to read the full Winston-Salem journal article written by Kathy Norcross-Watts.


Find out  more about our printmaking classes here.



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