Our ‘Not Quite Perfect Pottery Sale’ was really Quite Perfect!

pottery sale

The Not Quite Perfect Pottery Sale was a huge success, with a turn out even better than we could have expected. We had over 40 people standing in line, waiting to shop at 11 am and for the next 3 hours our ceramics studio was full of shoppers. We are pleased to say that from the funds generated, we have enough to establish a nice visiting artists fund that will help bring in ceramic artist Michael Sherrill and many more to come!

Thank you to all who donated to the sale, who showed up to volunteer, and who prompted family and friends to come and shop with us.  Our ceramic students are the most passionate, engaged and loyal students we have at Sawtooth and we are deeply grateful for their support on all counts.

We want to be sure that the following folks get thanked for all their time on Friday and Saturday: Cynthia Leonard, Mary Lin Gmach, Jeanne Henry, Nancy Hancock, Pam Newman, Judy Bahnson, Lori Pawlowsky, Deedee Fitts, Chris Fitts, Sunsuk Lee, Ross Rhodes, Amy Kincaid, & Lindsay Potter.


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  1. Taylor

    March @ 7

    I got two beautiful mugs that I am very excited about. One from Juanita Disher made in 2005 and another from a wonderful student I’m sure. Great sale!

  2. JoAnne

    March @ 7

    This was a marvelous event with lots of great pottery, incredible bargains, and many new faces in the crowd. I snagged a Warren Moyer vase and a Jackie Ooi vessel and a Nancy Hancock pitcher. Along with other unsigned items that I will love as much.

  3. Juanita Disher

    March @ 8

    Thank you for the comments about the ceramic department. Warren is a woderful leader and our teachers are the best. The ceramic studio is like home for alot of us. Thank you for all the support given during the sale. Taylor, I hope you enjoy your mug.

  4. DeeDee Gentry

    March @ 3

    LOVED the pottery sale! Can’t wait for the next one. I DO hope you figure out a better way to check folks out, though. The wrapping of the pottery needs to be set up AFTER the payment. It made everything way too slow. Lots of people may not even want wrapping. Or you could set up self-serve wrapping tables and let folks do it themselves. Thank you so much for this great new sale to look forward to!

  5. Sawtooth School

    March @ 3

    Thanks for your comments, DeeDee. Those are some great ideas that we will consider the next time we do a fun sale like this!

  6. Lori Pawlowski

    March @ 10

    I have to say…for the first sale event like this ever held at Sawtooth it was a day to experience! Especially for those who enjoy pottery at a really great price!
    I am sure it was worth the wait & most people were asking if this event would take place again next year.
    I do agree with Dee Dee’s suggestions and also believe this is a wonderful way to give others an opportunity to purchase amazing pieces of pottery while supporting Sawtooth.
    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!

  7. Pogue

    March @ 1

    The sale was great fun and a wonderful idea with lots of beautiful pottery. I hope this wlll become a yearly opportunity.

  8. Gail

    March @ 2

    I agree with DeeDee. The sale was fabulous and I too pick up 10 beautiful pieces. I didn’t mind the frantic rush of folks in and around the tables (that was fun) but when it was time to pay the wait In the hall way was a little long especially holding all the pottery. I would defiantly have the wrapping of pottery at the end of the line(even outside the doors as you leave). And it would also help to have someone figure out your total purchase while you are in line. A nice young man did that for me and the line started moving much faster. I hope this helps and again I loved the sale and can’t wait untill the next one

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