Instructor Highlight: Patricia P. Mauck

I was born near Morganton NC but grew up in Hickory, one of six children. My exposure to art was quite limited as a child but my interest in texture and color began early on. While at UNCG (once WCUNC), I took an art appreciation course as a Freshman and nearly flunked it; life did go on, however. While there I majored in biology with a thought to becoming a teacher. After receiving a DuPont Fellowship to graduate school, I took off to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University and received a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Then I launched into a life of teaching, marrying, and having two children. My interest in arts and crafts was always present and helped me to decide to move to Winston-Salem so that I could be surrounded by and participate in the arts. I took several classes at Hanes Community Center and liked them all. As I began to think about retiring from teaching, I decided to take a class in weaving on the floor loom at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts.. My eighth grade social studies teacher whetted my appetite when she allowed those who finished their work early to weave on a loom that was in small room adjacent to her class. Little did I know that this act in the eighth grade would lead me to an entirely new life as a weaver. After one class I was hooked; I continued to take classes (nine of them plus a chair caning class: think herringbone weave). I more or less became a fixture there and was asked to teach a weaving class at Sawtooth. That did it ! I was hooked and continued to study weaving and to teach and am still doing both. Three different weaving courses at John C. Campbell Folk School and a number of workshops have helped broaden my weaving experiences.

While teaching at Sawtooth I also worked for three years as a production weaver for Jane Doub, co-owner of the Fiber Company and now Executive Director and CEO of Piedmont Crafts Gallery. She had been one of my many instructors at Sawtooth and knew that I would work hard and learn a lot from her. I did!

I also do demonstration weaving to promote weaving in general and weaving classes at Sawtooth. Since I started later in life upon a second career in weaving, I chose teaching weaving and weaving one-of-a-kind textiles over production weaving. To keep my weaving very special, I choose to make scarves, towels, placemats, stoles, rugs, dinner napkins, art jackets and more, as I have said, I also dye a number of my yarns so that I can produce special effects with them.

My goal in life is to enjoy weaving and to continue to learn more about it, but not to let it be my entire life. I love to travel and to attend musical, dance and other concerts and to be with my family.


Take a class with Pat
(3223 Spring) Beginning and Intermediate Weaving
Beginners and experienced weavers will learn together concentrating on an individual project with the added opportunity to watch the progress of other weavers. Beginners will learn basic techniques, color study and design possibilities while weaving a traditional sampler or scarf. Experienced weavers will work on a more advanced project of their choice. Open Studio available. Please feel free to bring a bag lunch or snack. Supply fee of $20.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 04/04 – 04/27 | 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Location: Fibers

early registration member fee: $200.00, early registration non-member fee: $230.00
member fee: $220.00, non-member fee: $250.00

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