Sharpening for Turners
There is a direct relationship between sharp tools and quality woodworking. This is no less true for those who desire to turn well, and one of the first skills woodturners need to learn is how to properly sharpen his/her tools. Bring your dull tools to this workshop and learn how to sharpen them and keep them sharp. Instruction provided on using the Wolverine system on a high speed grinder, and using a slow speed grinder like the Tormek system. Learn the techniques to sharpen gouges, parting tools, and skews; as well as the different grinds and bevel angles used for turning gouges and why they are used for different types of turning.
(9716) Sharpening for TurnersInstructor: Jim Terry
Schedule: 1 Saturday 03/03 - 03/03 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Location: Wood Studio

member fee: 45.00, non-member fee: 45.00