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A Whittle Workshop
A Whittle Workshop

Slow down time and enjoy the details found in working with a whittle. Whittling is a wonderful way to hone hand skills while creating artistic objects with lasting character. Carving clear wood with a sharp knife, students will complete three playful exercises that will enhance one's understanding of wood and how to shape it. Students will learn to care for and sharpen carving knives, how to source and prep material for future projects, and through practice how to safely position a knife to wood to reach personal expression through whittling.
(9805) A Whittle WorkshopInstructor: Ellie Richards
Schedule: 1 Saturday 01/20 - 01/20 | 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Location: Wood Studio

member fee: 120.00, non-member fee: 120.00