The Sawtooth Photo League
The Sawtooth Photo League offers a chance for current Sawtooth photo students and instructors to meet and stay connected once class is over; continue education by offering critique, tips, and support from other photographers; suggest new photographic themes to explore; suggest classes to take for further education; enjoy guest speakers to inspire our photography; participate in photography-themed movie nights and photo walks. The Sawtooth Photo League will take an active part in documenting life in downtown Winston-Salem, keeping the Sawtooth School and our downtown arts district connected while documenting the changes taking place in our downtown area. We usually meet the third Saturday of each month, though our dates may vary.
(6606 Winter) Winter Sawtooth Photo LeagueInstructor: Amanda Sullivan
Schedule: The third Saturday of each month 01/19 - 03/16 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Photo

member fee: 20.00, non-member fee: 30.00