Creating Panoramic Photographs
Ever wonder how those dramatically long photographs are created? Would you be surprised to learn that panoramic photographs can be made with any kind of camera at your disposal, hence, providing you with more creative freedom and an added sense of satisfaction? You can take several images and combine them into a seamless panoramic image. The two workshops will include camera set up, planning the number of shots in advance, shooting a mock round without actually shooting. From there, students will choose and shoot several series throughout the week, then open up images in Adobe Photoshop to perform the merge. Requirements: DLSR camera, preferably one capable of shooting in Manual mode; a tripod and cable/shutter release are highly recommended.
(6102 Fall) Creating Panoramic PhotographsInstructor: Laurie Merritt
Schedule: Saturday 12/08 - 12/08 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Location: Digital Arts Lab

member fee: 50.00, non-member fee: 70.00