Creating a Lumen Print
Just what is a "lumen print"? Essentially, it's a solar photogram. No camera or darkroom required!! Simply utilize old, unexposed black and white photo print paper, arrange freshly gathered foliage on the paper, cover and flatten with a sheet of glass, and wait a few hours while the sun works its magic. Instead of finishing the prints with traditional darkroom fixer, the exposed paper gets placed in a dark box (or the protective black wrap the print paper came in) for safekeeping, then digitally scan the lumen print. Once scanned, additional editing in Photoshop creates even more magical results! B&W photo paper supplied. Students should bring a USB stick for scanning their images.
(6156 Fall) Creating a Lumen PrintInstructor: Laurie Merritt
Schedule: 2 Saturdays 10/27 - 11/03 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Photo

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