Alternative Processing in the Darkroom
The darkroom is coming alive again as a viable form of alternative art! Over 4 classes, learn to process your film in simple, everyday solutions such as coffee and tea. We will experiment with processing in coffee, Rodinal, HC-110, and d-76 for comparison. Once we have processed our negatives, we will make prints in Dektol and Cafenol, and will explore developing and printing with tea. Bring film to develop and negatives to print.
(693 Winter) Alternative Processing in the DarkroomInstructor: Maurice Robinson
Schedule: 4 Mondays 02/11 - 03/04 | 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Location: Photo

early registration member fee: 100.00, early registration non-member fee: 120.00
member fee: 110.00, non-member fee: 140.00