Loop-In-Loop Etruscan Chain Workshop
The elegant Byzantine style Etruscan chain dates back to antiquity, and is the epitome of a luxurious chain. Creating it requires minimal equipment and the chain can be done at home, once you learn the basics. Learn how to take fine silver wire, wrap a dowel to make a coil, cut individual links, and fuse them closed using a torch. You’ll then assemble the links into a chain of any length. Caution: Extremely addictive! Workshop fee includes fine silver wire.
(5162.) Instructor: Brittany Sondberg
Schedule: Saturday 02/03 - 02/03 | 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Location: Metals

early registration member fee: 95.00, early registration non-member fee: 125.00
member fee: 95.00, non-member fee: 125.00