Cuffs & Bracelets
In this workshop we will use the techniques of shell forming and roll printing to make a series of bracelets and cuffs from sheet metal. Students will experiment with ways to add texture and change the form of a metal pattern with the rolling mill. They will then transform these patterns into bracelets and cuffs by synclastic, anticlastic and other forming techniques. Using the vehicle of the bracelet and cuff students will gain a new insight into ways to manipulate sheet metal as well as creating a unique group of jewelry items. Students will purchase some metal, available during the workshop
(5105.) Instructor: Betty Helen Longhi
Schedule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 03/09 - 03/11 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Location: Metals

member fee: 295.00, non-member fee: 325.00