Drawing & Painting
Meditation Upon a Tree
The individuality and personality of a single tree provides a rich subject to explore through the activity of painting. During this workshop the class will study, composition and color as they connect creatively and imaginatively with the tree. A discussion of the process of painting and thought processes as they relate to the benefits of meditation will take place. We’ll go out and find a tree. Perhaps it will show itself to you in a way you wouldn't expect! Make a small painting in an hour and go back to the studio to enhance your hunches in another hour!
(44440 Winter) Meditation Upon a Tree WorkshopInstructor: Lea Lackey-Zackmann
Schedule: Saturday 03/17 - 03/17 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Location: Graphics I

member fee: 60.00, non-member fee: 90.00