Drawing & Painting
Intro to Drawing Workshop: Different Ways of Seeing
A course in drawing what you actually see and not what you think you see. This means slowing down and paying attention to every subtle angle, every bump and groove, every shape that is happening. It is very easy to generalize when starting out with drawing, but just generalizing will not get you to an accurate representation of a 3 dimensional object. Instead of drawing a banana by placing curved lines next to each other because you know that is what a banana looks like, stop and take yourself away from the object and look at exactly how those curved lines are behaving. You will see that it is different from what you were assuming, and the latter looks more like the real thing.
(4772 Spring) Intro to Drawing Workshop: Different Ways of SeeingInstructor: Erin Canady
Schedule: Saturday 05/05 - 05/05 | 10:00 AM - 03:30 AM
Location: Graphics I

early registration member fee: 80.00, early registration non-member fee: 110.00
member fee: 80.00, non-member fee: 110.00