Drawing & Painting
Creative Exploration to Ease Anxiety
We are all born with natural creative impulses that flow through us at all times, but as our life experiences create restrictive survival instincts, we can find ourselves stuck behind roadblocks of doubt, judgment, and fear. Remembering how to intuit our creative impulses and take action from our bodies' deep well of wisdom has a positive ripple effect in our entire lives. Flowing seamlessly between MindBody Centering yoga postures, process painting, and meditative journaling, the Creative Exploration to Ease Anxiety workshop provides resources to dismantle anxiety and allow a continual flow of energy from the supportive roots of your body to the beautiful blossoms of your imagination. Special audit fee for cancer survivors.
(1142 Fall) Creative Exploration to Ease Anxiety WorkshopInstructor: Catherine Howard
Schedule: Saturday 10am-3pm 12/01 - 12/01 | 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Location: Graphics II

member fee: 110.00, non-member fee: 140.00