A Farewell Note from Assistant Executive Director Kevin Mundy

When I started working at Sawtooth in June of 2012, I had no idea how much I would grow to love this place and all the people I’ve come to know. The staff has become part of my extended family, and I’ve developed strong relationships and friendships with our instructors, students, board members, donors and volunteers alike. It’s been very rewarding for me to have had a leadership role at Sawtooth over the last five years.

This made my decision to leave the staff at the end of September all the more difficult, but it was a necessary choice. My new short-term career will be in eldercare as I become my ninety-year-old mother’s primary healthcare advocate and take a more active role in providing her in-home care and companionship. I’ll be splitting time for the next few months between Winston-Salem and my hometown of Aiken, SC.

I will miss my regular interaction with everyone at Sawtooth, but I hope to always be a part of the Sawtooth community. I prefer not saying “goodbye” to anyone – rather, “I’ll see you again soon!”

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